Professors and research areas

Biology Graduate Program Committee

Albertazzi Castro Federico, Dr.rer.nat.
Molecular plant biology with an emphasis on Organelles.

Alvarado Barrientos Juan José, Dr.      
Coral reef ecology. Taxonomy and ecology of echinoderms. Marine conservation.

Ávalos Rodríguez Gerardo, PhD.          
Ecophysiology and biomechanics of tropical plants. Ecology of tropical bird fragmentation. Tropical ecology and conservation.

Barrantes Montero Gilbert, PhD.         
Ornithology and animal behavior.

Blanco Coto Mario Alberto, PhD.         
Taxonomy and systematics of angiosperms (especially Orchidaceae). Vascular plant morphology. Pollination biology.

Bolaños Vives Federico, M.Sc.              
Conservation, systematics, ecology and behavior of amphibians and reptiles.

Briceño Lobo Daniel R., M.Sc.              
Reproductive behavior of insects. Acoustic communication of insects.

Camacho García Yolanda, PhD.           
Systematics, phylogeny, molecular biology, and biogeography of marine mollusks with an emphasis on heterobranchs.

Cascante Marín Alfredo, PhD.             
Ecology and floristics of epiphytic plants.

Chavarría Soley Gabriela, PhD.          
Human Genetics. Genetic Epidemiology.

Chaverri Echandi Priscila, PhD.         
Systematics, evolution and phylogeny of ascomycete fungi important in agriculture and natural forests.

Cortés Núñez Jorge, PhD.                      
Coral Reefs. Biodiversity of marine invertebrates. Ecology. Natural and anthropogenic impacts in coastal areas.

Espinoza Mendiola Mario, Dr.             
Ecology and behavior of marine predators.

Fernández García Cindy, Dra.              
Algae, phycology, ecology and taxonomy of marine macroalgae.

Fernández Otárola Mauricio, Dr.        
Reproductive ecology of plants (pollination and seed dispersal); Population demographic models; Intra and interspecific interactions and use of space; Tropical trees.

Fuchs Castillo Eric, PhD.                       
Genetics of tropical plant and tree populations. I study the effects of tropical forest fragmentation and deforestation on reproductive success and gene flow in vulnerable or endangered species.

Gatica Arias Andrés, Dr. sc. agr.          
Plant cell, tissue and organ culture. Genetic transformation of plants. Molecular biology of plants.

Hanson Snortum Paul E., PhD.             
Hymenoptera. Systematic. Parasitoids. Biologic control. Plant galls.

Karkashian Córdoba James, PhD.        
Plant virology. Molecular biology.

Karremans Adam P., Dr.                        
Ecology, evolution, phylogenetics and systematics of Orchidaceae. With a special interest in epiphytic taxonomy, diversification of Neotropical orchids and the ecological relationships of plants with their pollinators and seed dispersers.

Leal Esquivel Alejandro, Dr.rer.nat.    
Molecular human genetics, inherited diseases, gene mapping, neurogenetics.

Lobo Segura Jorge Arturo, PhD.            
Population genetics, gene flow in plants, forest fragmentation. Pollination and phenology of tropical plants.

Molina Ureña Helena, PhD.                    
Ichthyology. Biological Oceanography. Ichthyoplankton. Reef Fish Ecology and Conservation.

Morales Ramírez Álvaro, Dr.rer.nat.   
Abundance, distribution, composition, and biomass of marine zooplankton. Plant populations herbivory. Marine zooplankton biodiversity. Integrated management of the coast.

Morales Sánchez Carlos O., Dr.rer.nat.
Systematics and taxonomy of vascular plants. Forest regeneration. Ethnobotany. Plant morphology.

Ramírez Mayorga Vanessa, Dra.          
Epidemiology. Cancer. Mutagenesis pesticides biomarkers.

Raventós Vorst Henriette, M.Sc.          
Genetic neuropsychiatry, gene mapping for complex diseases, population structure, mental health, and human rights.

Retana López Marco V., M.Sc.             
Environmental management and sustainable development.

Rodríguez Herrera Bernal, PhD.        

Rojas Jiménez Keilor O.                        
Genetics, biodiversity, and ecology of microorganisms.

Romero Vásquez Adarli, PhD.             
Neurophysiology. Physiology of animal behavior.

Sandoval Vargas Luis A., Dr.                
Ornithology and bioacoustics.

Sasa Marín Mahmood, PhD.                
Neotropical herpetology, toxinology, evolution of poisoning mechanisms, conservation.

Sibaja Cordero Jeffrey, Dr.                    
Ecology of the benthos. Marine Invertebrate Biology. Polychaete Taxonomy.

Silva Benavides Margarita, Dr.rer.nat.
Mangrove ecology and management. Biotechnology and taxonomy of microalgae.

Solís Ramos Laura Yesenia, PhD.         
Biotechnology and genetic transformation.

Springer Springer Monika, M.Sc.          
Taxonomy and Ecology of Aquatic Insects. Biomonitoring and water quality studies with bioindicators. Conservation and management of continental aquatic environments.

Umaña Villalobos Gerardo, M.Sc.         
Limnology. Ecology of freshwater plankton. Ecology of lakes, rivers, and reservoirs. Aquatic pollution.

Vincent Rossi Andrea, Dr.                       
Ecosystem ecology, climate change, biogeochemistry, soil science, plant ecology.

Wehrtmann Ingo, Dr.rer.nat.                
Aquatic biodiversity, ecology of marine invertebrates, reproduction of decapod crustaceans, aquaculture, environmental education, integrated management of coastal resources. fishery-biology.

List of professors and research areas

Amit Rojas Ronit, Dra.                           
Interactions between humans and wildlife, interdisciplinary ecology.

Acuña Castillo Rafael, Dr.                    
Systematics and phylogenetics in seed plants.

Alvarado Barboza Gilbert, Dr.           
Comparative and experimental pathology of wild animals. Conservation of endangered species of amphibians. Animal welfare in experimental processes.

Araya Salas Marcelo, Dr.                     

Arévalo Hernández Edgardo, Dr.      
Ecology and conservation of terrestrial ecosystems.

Breddy Shadid, Odalisca, Dra.           
Taxonomy and systematics of octocorals and antipatharians. Electron Microscopy Specialist.

Chacón Madrigal Eduardo, Dr.          
Invasive species. Plant biogeography.

Chaverrí Echandi Gloriana, Dra.     
Behavioral ecology, sensory ecology, social communication, social systems, shelter ecology.

Gutiérrez Fonseca Pablo, Dr.            
Aquatic Resources.

Malespín Bendaña Wendy K., M.Sc.
Genetic factors involved in the development of gastrointestinal cancers.

Mardones Hidalgo Melissa, Dra.     
Ecology, taxonomy and systematics in fungi and plants.

Miranda Garnier Ximena, M.Sc. and M.Ed.
Entomology and education.

Samper Villarreal Jimena, Dra.       
Marine ecology, marine botany, mangroves, seagrasses, marine macroalgae, carbon sequestration and integrated coastal management.

Soley Guardia Fernando, Dr.          
Animal behavior, animal cognition and sensory ecology. Insects

Soley Guardia Mariano, Dr.           
Biogerography. Modeling of ecological niche and geographic distribution of species.

Stynoski Jennifer Lynn, Dr.            
Developmental biology, ecology, behavior, herpetology.

Willink Castro Beatriz, Dra. Beatriz
Evolutionary biology