Information for foreign students

The program was created in 1975 and its objectives are:

  • Train biology researchers, through academic excellence and scientific rigor, capable of actively participate in their country’s development.
  • Contribute to the universal scientific knowledge development through the research of basic biology problems and the Mesoamerican region.
  • Integrate teaching, investigation, and social action activities to reach the previous two objectives and the critical attitude development towards national problems to look for the common good.

Graduate Profile

Each Magister Scientiae in Biology is capable of actively participating in their own country’s development due to their academic excellence and their scientific stringent training. Moreover, the graduate student will be able to work as a professor and investigate biological problems that contribute to the universal scientific knowledge and their regional problem solution.

Plan benefits:

With over 46 years of experience, the master’s plan has a high-level course of direction and the needed academic excellence to offer an integral, open, and versatile training, adapted to the needs and concerns of each student and the Mesoamerican region.